Treatment for Jet Lag

Whether you are travelling for work or a holiday, jet lag can cause sleepless nights and make you tired during the day. We can prescribe treatment to help your sleep patterns adjust more quickly, so you can make the most of your trip.

About jet lag treatment


Travelling to another time zone can cause insomnia, irritability, a change in appetite and general tiredness – generally we call this collection of symptoms jet lag.


We can prescribe jet lag treatment, which is used by some people to successfully treat sleep disturbance that comes with jet lag. It contains melatonin, a naturally occurring hormone that regulates your sleep patterns. For some people, it can help them adjust more quickly to a new time zone and sleep at night.


Benefits of jet lag treatment


Sleeping through the night can significantly improve the symptoms of jet lag, making you feel awake at the right time. Jet lag treatment helps some people to do this, and enjoy more of their time away. It won't cure or prevent jet lag, but it can help your body adjust more quickly to your destination's time.

Side effects of jet lag treatment

All medicines can have side effects, and they can vary between different people. Some people experience drowsiness with jet lag treatment, feel sick, or experience joint aches, pain or headaches. You can read more about possible side effects in the patient information leaflet. We will only prescribe for you if it safe to do so.

Our Jet Lag Clinic


1. Book for a face to face or virtual appointment with one of our travel health specialist's ,either on a weekend on in the evening.

2. We will then complete a consultation together to ascertain specific information to help us decide and ensure jet lag tablets are safe and suitable for you to take. 

3. If approved, we will send a private electronic prescription to the pharmacy of your choice.

Private Prescription Charge: £10.00

Please note: there will be a private prescription charge by the dispensing pharmacy which we have no control over or have affiliation with. 

Please note: you should never share prescription medicines.

Our Jet Lag Advice


For most people, jet lag will pass in a couple of days. It's not medically dangerous, but can be an inconvenience. If you're at your destination a short time, a treatment could help you make the most of it.

Before you Travel
Plan to get enough quality sleep in the few days before your trip, whilst trying to move your sleep period forwards or backwards (in line with the time of your destination).  Try to avoid eating large meals, exercising, using electronic gadgets, or drinking alcohol or caffeinated drinks before bedtime.

Flying & Arriving


During the flight, aim to drink plenty of water, sleep if it's a normal time for sleeping at your destination, use an eye mask and earplugs if they help you sleep and keep active by stretching and regularly walking around the cabin. Do not drink too much alcohol or caffeine.

When you arrive, try changing your sleep schedule to the new time zone as quickly as possible. Set an alarm to avoid oversleeping in the morning. Go outside during the day – natural light will help your body clock adjust.


Travel Health Tips


If you're going abroad, you should consider what medicines you might need while you're away. That might include contraception, or a prescription treatment you take daily, or something specific to the country. Make sure you check if the area you're going to affected by malaria at Fit For Travel.

If you need any travel vaccinations or anti-malarial's, book an appointment, either by phone or via our website. Call 0203 488 7351 to talk to a friendly, expert vaccination specialist.