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Common in Africa, Central America, and Asia, cholera is an infection spread by bacteria in contaminated food and water.

Contaminated fecal matter spreads hepatitis A, a disease often caught via infected food and water and every day across Africa, Asia, the Middle East and South America

Unprotected sex is usually responsible for hepatitis B infection, along with sharing needles, visiting dirty tattoo parlors, unhygienic barbers shops, and nail salons. It’s common in both undeveloped and developed countries

Spread by mosquitoes, there’s no cure for this disease found across South East Asia, Japan, and the tropical regions of Australia. There are also occasional epidemics in China and India.

Bacteria are responsible for this infection, and it’s found throughout the world, a risk wherever sanitation and hygiene are poor


A tick-borne virus found in eastern, northern, and central Europe as well as eastern Russia, east Asia, China, and Japan

A highly dangerous disease spread by infected mosquitoes, malaria is common in the equatorial tropics and subtropics.

A bacterial infection, this disease tends to be commonest in sub-Saharan Africa. But it’s also sometimes found where it’s crowded and where there’s imperfect hygiene, for example, universities and army camps

Infected animal and human bites and scratches spread this awful disease, particularly common in Thailand, Brazil, and India.

Spread by mosquitoes and particularly common across Ethiopia, Nigeria, Kenya, Brazil, Peru and Columbia, Yellow Fever vaccinations are often a must-have if you’ve traveled through or to a country where there’s an outbreak.


We at Mare St Clinic are your dedicated virtual and face-to-face evening and weekend service provider.  The clinic currently offers a range of travel health services for the local community and beyond at a time most suited to you.


Our Independent Prescribing Pharmacists have completed specific training to meet your travel needs, whether it be vaccinations, anti-malarial's, jet lag treatment or expert advice in relation to your wider health needs and your travels.

We offer anti-malarial's and vaccinations which can be dispensed at the same appointment or posted home, saving you time and offering more efficient service. 

Vaccinations are very important to protect yourself and your loved ones. Also, for your travel insurance to be valid, you need to have had the recommended vaccinations.

Some vaccinations have multiple doses, so it's essential that you plan to have your vaccination in advance of your departure date, usually 6-8 weeks prior.

The service will be provided in a private consultation room where you can ask any questions you might have during the consultation.

It's essential that you bring any previous immunization history with you to help the pharmacist work out what vaccination you need.


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